About us

Hi there, my name is Melinda and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read about my small business.
I am a big herbal tea lover, I drink MANY throughout the day and I have experienced time and time again the benefits from it and want children to have the same opportunity. I love seeing the expressions on the faces of my friends when they see inside my kitchen 'Tea Drawer'.
As a mum of 3, I'm always looking for natural ways to help my children and share with them the benefits mother nature has to offer as they grow.  So, after 18 years as a primary school teacher and school principal, I decided it was time for me to focus more on my family. I took that giant leap of faith by resigning from my job, relocated to the Far North Coast and set out to create a business that was organic, authentic and sustainable. After setting a clear intention of what I wanted, the universe delivered and I was blown away and super grateful when the opportunity presented to take on this wonderful business. 
I was even more blown away when even my fussiest child loved the tea so much so that he asks for one every morning he asks for a 'Cup of Calm' :) 
Our product is an Australian owned and made brand of organic herbal tea blends (in unbleached and biodegradable tea bags) specifically for children.  The whole range of herbal tea is approved by an Australian certified Naturopath. Our tea-bags are non-GMO tea bags (click on the GMO icon in the main page for all the details about that!) 
I am also aiming to make an impact on the environment and that is why Earthy Soul Organics tea bags are 100% biodegradable, the packaging that hold the tea bags is 100% recyclable and the mailing satchel are also 100% compostable. 
Inspired by my love of children, it is my mission to have all children experiencing the joy and health benefits this antioxidant super drink.  
We look forward to the journey this humble beginning will take us and would love for your family to experience the incredible benefits we offer. 
Thank you for reading, 
Melinda xx